Frequently Asked Questions
When is the next event?
The next event is September 29 - October 6, 2023.
Where will the event be held?
Fall Color Week 2023 will be held at Saranac Village in New York. Lodging is included in the registration fee. If you'd like more information about the resort, please visit the website.
Since this is an invitational do I need an invitation?
No. Anyone who paints en plein air is invited. All levels of painters.
What are the accomodations?
Most rooms will be dorm style rooms that house multiple people. We will only be putting 2-4 people per dorm, separated by multiple empty bunk beds and furniture in between. This will allow for plenty of space for social distancing. Bathroom facilities have multiple stalls, showers and sinks, but they are shared. 
If I want to share a room but don’t have a roommate, will one be assigned?
Yes. Though if you wish to request rooming with someone specific please let us know. Also you can post the request on the exclusive Facebook page to request a roommate or to coordinate transportation, etc.
Is smoking allowed at the event or in the rooms?
No smoking in the resort common areas or rooms.
Are small dogs allowed on the grounds and in the rooms?
Pets are not allowed, unless they are aiding a person with a disability (assistant dog). Assistant dogs will need to be registered prior to guest arrival.
Will my cellphone work?
You will have cell service at the resort but some of the more remote painting locations may be spotty.
Will there be internet connectivity provided for us?
Wifi is complimentary in the rooms and in all the resort public & meeting locations.
May I bring my spouse?
Spouses are welcome at a per-person rate.
What is the deadline for registration?
There is no deadline. You can register up to the day of the event or register on location.
What is your cancellation policy?
100% Quarantine “Peace of Mind” Guarantee
If the event is rescheduled or cancelled due to Coronavirus, or if you don’t feel safe coming for whatever reason, we’ll give you the option of applying your ticket to a future event, or offer a full refund. 
What is the weather like? What apparel should I bring?
Weather is typically cool in mid September but not cold, however it can turn cold or wet. Bring waterproof hiking shoes. Clothes for warm, cool or hot climate, and rain gear. Rain this time of year is sporadic. Bring a camera. There is more to see than you can possibly paint.

One paint spot requires wading through water and crossing over rocks. Others require some hiking, while others can be park and paint spots. Bring swim gear as well and a big net.
Is there a Facebook group I can look at?
Yep, we have one – but it is exclusive to current registrants and past attendees. You will be sent information on how to join following your registration.
Will water be provided?
Buy some or bring a water bottle.
Where do we dispose of our trash while out painting?
Take it out with you when you leave the wilderness please.
Will dinner be at a set time?
Yes, usually 5:30-6:30 so there is time to paint after dinner.
What should we expect to experience at an event like this?
The purpose of this event is painters painting together. Nothing more. Our goal is friendship and bonding. Though we may come up with something unexpected, there is no event other than daily painting and meals so you should expect nothing but painting. There are NO workshops, no lectures, no offsite events (though we may come up with some as extras).
Are we all painting together?
Painters will be free to go where they wish to paint. Each will be provided with a guide offering ideas of places to paint. We do intend to have a suggested morning and a suggested afternoon place each day, however you may wish to go on your own. We would like to have at least one day where we all paint together.
Evening sunsets?
The sunsets can be spectacular and the warm afternoon sun is wonderful. We are trying to coordinate late dinners so you can paint till sundown. If not, there are wonderful paint spots on or near resort.
What is going on in the evenings?
We think this is a great time to make friends. We will be able to gather in a common area in the evenings. We also are hoping to be able to set up critique sessions and a place to show your paintings from the day.
Will there be an orientation?
We will have an orientation on the evening of check in to help you know the area.
Will there be a group photo?
We will schedule one group photo. Location to be determined.
Will there be photo sharing?
We plan to post photos on the exclusive Facebook group. We encourage others to post theirs as well.
Art supplies?
We will attempt to provide mineral spirits or turps, but bring your own if you can. Supplies are difficult to find locally
Restrooms when painting?
Some locations will have restrooms.
Are there handicapped facilities?
By law the resort will be able to handle your needs. Though many sites may be just off the road, others are hard to get to or require some walking, hiking, climbing. If you have assistance needs, please send an email request in advance so we can be ready to accommodate your needs.
Will there be transportation to paint spots and airports?
Everyone should carpool as much as possible because there may not be easy parking in all spots. Our exclusive Facebook group is a great place to communicate before the event if you need an airport ride or want to find a car buddy. 
What is happening to the paintings we’re providing?
It is somewhat customary in many events to offer a painting in exchange for guest lodging or other services. This event started small but blossomed into a giant outing, which has required Streamline (publisher of the magazines) to devote many hours to customer service calls, organization and coordination, plus we have had to hire onsite assistance. Since we’re not charging for the event but charging for room/meals/facilities only this is an optional gift. It is not required but is appreciated. Painting gifts are NOT tax deductible.